Lore of Lies

by Lorelei

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Dan The album to silence deathcore haters. Complex, intricate, deathcore with a grim blackened edge and plenty of grandiose symphonics to give it a sinister atmosphere worthy of Dimmu themselves! Absolutely kick ass. 9.5/10 Favorite track: Godfather Death.
Jdude thumbnail
Jdude Unbelievable album, everything just works so seamlessly. This is some incredible music. Heavy as hell and equally as intriguing. One of the best for 2014 Already Favorite track: Godfather Death.
simon handmaker
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simon handmaker Everything about this record just... clicks. All of the technical, blackened, crushing elements of high-quality death metal combines beautifully with symphonic bits. Favorite track: The Dunwich Horror.
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released February 4, 2014


Brandon Rickner: Vocals/Lyrics
Michael Rumple: Vocals/Lyrics/Songwriting
Aaron Pace: Guitar/Songwriting
Lane Crocker: Guitar
Joe Hill: Drums
Vincent Jones: Bass/Orchestral Songwriting
Stefan Sjoberg: Orchestral Programming/Songwriting

Engineered by Kyle Odell @ Think Sound Studios
Mixed/Mastered by Aaron Smith @ Envisage Audio

"Godfather Death" and "The Dunwich Horror" originally by Spencer Starnes

Guest vocal appearances on "Lore of Lies" by Adrian Perez (Warforged) and Dave Osbourne/Ollie Ross (Foreboding Ether)

Guest guitar solo by Kyle Odell



all rights reserved


Lorelei North Carolina

Debut Full-length album "Lore of Lies" out now!

Contact: loreleibandofficial@gmail.com

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Track Name: Godfather Death
In this land of dissolving fiends
I am Godfather Death
By prostration

And in this land of callous deeds,
Here I reign
Here I reign...

Conquered by venom, you're the evil that's within him
And my bidding is the truth, you are the lie
Sent by the father to demand the mother's daughter
Bring her to me, for she is mine!

The very darkness that made you blind
I am your mentor
But you've betrayed me for the last time
Your fate is nothing predetermined
I am beside
Every bed lit by the devil's flame

I am
Watching your every move
You can't hide from death
Look in the mirror
Do you see yourself or me?

And when your candles burn to none
Just know your journey's just begun
And then you'll see what you have done
Fuck with death and you are gone

Death, no longer
Gods, I'm stronger
Track Name: The Dunwich Horror
A beast so vile, you can feel him breathing on you
Staring at you, his eyes are eclipsed

An abomination
Was he left here, or just made here?
I can feel him at my doorstep

Killing gently
Oh so swiftly
Abruptly ending journal entries
Hints at death

An abomination
Was he left here, or just made here?
I can smell his rotting flesh

Seeking vengeance for the curse he was fed
Not of this world, but one of the dead
Pray to your deity that tonight he's not feeding
And that your children don't have the same fate

Condemned to a life of misery
From a time with no history
Not bound to where he sleeps
Yet he always returns to me
Sent here from the very depths of hell
Return to where you rest tonight
And bid farewell...

The taker of armies won't rest 'til the morning
Rise up to your calling, be one with the fallen
The horror is coming, so pack your belongings
And go to hell!

Under this city lies a hidden horror
What do you want from me?
Human torture

As if the pain wasn't enough
God damn
I'm a mess
When will this stop?
I can't take it
I'm near the edge
Just dig a ditch
And throw me in
Fuck your gods,
Who needs them anyway?

Limbs sewn from the beast of another
What is real and what is undiscovered
Limbs sewn from the beast of another
You'll be the last to witness the Dunwich Horror
Track Name: The Mortal Immortal
In this tale of a lost soul
A tale of the tired and insane
In this world of nothing
Science has forgotten him and the world is moving on
Cursed to love no one
He can never die in vain
He amounts to nothing
As he stands alone because the world is fucking gone

Is this how it ends?
As he stands to fight a battle he can never win
Is this how it ends?
As he stands to fight a battle he can never win
Tell me how it ends!
Now he can reach the stars, for he is one of them
A severed story of a false constellation
Would turn back time with no hesitation

What does this mean to me?
A mindless tragedy.
What will it take to free -
My mind from insanity?

Frozen in time
Melting inside
Too old to live
Too young to die
Do I pray to a god -
Or just pray to me?

From the brink my mind is severed
For no one can truly live forever

This is the story of the lost in a time where time is lost.
The mortal immortal...
Is he blessed, or is he cursed?
To live for death is his only thirst!
Doomed to wait, the end is near
Left with nothing but his thoughts is the only thing he fears

I stand along with my past looking back at me
My future's dim and I've seen all there is to see
I'd take it back just to rewrite history
But now it's gone and I'm stuck with my misery

Commoners in the life we waste away
The world crumbles, you stay the same
To live forever is a hard thing to bear
Mortal immortal, your end is near
Track Name: Masque
Welcome to the masquerade!

This isn't the end
A dance we begin
I am sent from the night
You can't hide from the blight
I will follow you now
Your refuge has failed
And darkness prevailed

O, Prospero!
Where will I lead thee now?

Red wind flows swiftly through the vine
What is a curse holds true to what's divine
I am the walking plague sent in disguise
And in the seventh room, all will be mine

I see the hearse in the twisted eyes
Of the man who led me here

I hold the curse to the fall of man
I speak of myself
To speak of me
Will bring terror
I hold the fate of every man
I speak of the plague
To speak of it
Will surely bring terror

Run to the hills
Blood will spill

"And darkness and decay and the red death held illimitable dominion over all.."
Track Name: Salem Town
Take me
To the darkest place on earth
Drag me
Through the stench that I am worth
Save me
Form the evil that I create
Kill me
Before everything goes to waste

Streaming feverous creation
Through limitless veins of black
A failed creation
A new legend beneath the cracks

Corpses line the walls in the village
And they watch them all as we sleep
We dine on excrement in the buildings
While the rats chew away at our feet

Raise from the dead
Hell's got a price on our head
The devil's pact lasts forever
We can't go unfed

In Salem Town, we're sick and we're rotten
And we're hungry for fear
We will not be forgotten

Enter the dreams that feed my sanity
Enter my mind and all its vanity

Follow the visions
Of a madman who can't be stopped
Now will you listen?
This madness cannot be stopped!

Construct their minds
They will be mine
Send them to him
All will be mine

Set fire to the village
And in the night death will be witnessed
Set fire to the village
This is the night that we will end this

I am the sick
I am the rotten
I am hungry for fear
I will not be forgotten

Sent to our realm...
Sent from the underworld...
Track Name: Lore of Lies
Sent down into a world of terror
You have been chosen
Agony is seeping into your soul
Murderers and villains
Terrorize your every thought
This is the last story you'll ever tell

The pen
The illustrations foretold
The words
The fear of being alone
The book
There's no hope of escaping
The end is awaiting

And as he wrote the fallacy
On pages ripped from his normality
And left him with a tragedy
Alone he'll whisper silently
And haunt what used to be his sanity
The lore is who I'll always be
So take my hand, come away with me

Oh the horrors you will see
Falling deeper into this world
The forest thickens, the shadows grow
Now there's nowhere else to go...

Oh the horrors you will see
Falling deeper into this world
The forest thickens, the shadows grow
Don't judge a book by its cover
Stories last forever and now you know...

After all is said, you will know the reaping
You can't run or hide, constantly proceeding
After your demise, they will find you bleeding
Begging for your life, conquered by your feelings

(Ollie/Dave - Foreboding Ether)
Lately I've been by myself
Suffering with all of this agony
These words burnt in my mind
Begging for mercy
Falling in a helpless world of terror
I'd kill for some rest in my life
Take my hand, forget this place and let go
Cure my curse of horror
The mistake of reading intake
Has led me to spiral down this hole

Please, someone trade with me
Or end this life of misery
It's my soul that you should see
The blackened...
The rotten...
The disgusting...

(Adrian Perez - Warforged)
Feel insanity
This mind is of fire
Boiling blood from finger tips
Form sigils on the canvas

The chronicle of human emptiness
Scribe of a doomed tome

Spirits engulfing
Strewn of the pages
Fluttering wildly
My seared appendages
Draining the marrow
Of fantasy untold

The chronicle of human emptiness
Scribe of a doomed tome